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The IP address location of is Muar town 19080, Johor, Malaysia (MY). is a public IP address that belongs to ASN 45960 which is under the control of YTL COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHD. The prefix 103/8 ( was allocated to APNIC by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in . IP Address Location

Here you will find the approximate IP geolocation for as reported by our IP Tracker along with additional information like ASN mapping, ISP, and the type of internet connection. Use the free IP Lookup tool to find the IP geolocation for any public IP address.

IP Address ASN45960 controlled by YTL COMMUNICATIONS SDN BHD
IP ISP / OrganizationYtl Communications Sdn Bhd
IP Connection TypeCable/DSL [internet speed test]
IP Location ContinentAsia
IP Location CountryMalaysia (MY)
IP Location StateJohor
IP Location CityMuar town
IP Location Postcode19080
IP Location Latitude2.0442 / 2°2′39″ N
IP Location Longitude102.5689 / 102°34′8″ E
IP Location TimezoneAsia/Kuala_Lumpur
IP Location Local Time

IANA IPv4 Address Space Allocation for Subnet

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for global IP address space allocation to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The available IPv4 address space is typically allocated to RIRs as /8 prefix blocks, and the RIRs delegate smaller blocks of their address pools to Local Internet Registries (LIRs) like Internet Service Providers and other organizations in their designated locations.

IPv4 Address Space Prefix103/8
Regional Internet Registry (RIR)APNIC
Allocation Date
WHOIS Serverwhois.apnic.net
RDAP Serverhttps://rdap.apnic.net/
Delegated entirely to specific RIR (Regional Internet Registry) as indicated. IP Address Representations

An IPv4 address is defined as a 32-bit number, and thus it can be written in any notation that is capable of representing a 32-bit integer value. If human-readability is a requirement, IPv4 addresses are most often expressed in quad-dotted decimal notation with 4 octets ranging from 0 to 255 each.
Note: You should avoid IP addresses with zero-padded decimal octets like or because they might impose an ambiguity with octal numbers.
Below you can find some ways to express an IPv4 address.

Decimal Notation1728137215
Hexadecimal Notation0x670147ff
Octal Notation014700243777
Binary Notation 1100111000000010100011111111111
Dotted-Decimal Notation103.1.71.255
Dotted-Hexadecimal Notation0x67.0x01.0x47.0xff
Dotted-Octal Notation0147.01.0107.0377
Dotted-Binary Notation01100111.00000001.01000111.11111111 Common Typing Errors

You might encounter misspelled IP addresses containing "o", "l" or "I" characters instead of digits. The following list includes some typical typing errors for

  • 103.I.71.255
  • 103.l.71.255

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